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At NeuroSports Labs, we’re helping to understand, minimise and manage the impact of mild brain injury/concussion.

Led by Associate Professor Alan Pearce PhD, NeuroSports Labs supports individuals, sporting teams and bodies, employers and their employees, and others impacted or potentially impacted by mild brain injury/concussion.

We use scientific methods to provide insights into what the real impact of mild brain injury/concussions are.

NeuroSports Labs was established to assess and identify the real impact of concussion to provide support when you or someone you know has a concussion or is suffering from persistent post-concussion symptoms.

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It’s Personal

It’s Personal

Having played over 450 professional rugby league games at the highest level, I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact that competitive sports can have on your physical and mental health, both positive and negative.

Understanding concussion: The “hidden injury”

Concussion is a ‘hidden injury’ caused by impact to the brain, either by a direct impact to the head, or indirect impact to the body that transmits the force to the head.

Often called a ‘hidden’ or ‘invisible’ injury because it cannot be seen on an X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or CT scan.

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