About NeuroSports Labs

NeuroSports Labs support individuals, sporting teams and bodies, employers and their employees, and others impacted or potentially impacted by concussion.

At NeuroSports Labs, we are bridging the gap towards the understanding of mild brain injuries and concussion.

Changing the way that we think about concussion as a whole

We support individuals in the community, sporting teams and bodies, employers, and community organisations to deal with concussions and to understand the impact of concussion and mild brain injuries. Use this section to introduce the range of services offered by NeuroSports Labs with click-throughs to individual service offerings.

For too long the attitude toward head impacts, “it’s only a knock to the head, so get on with it”.

Thankfully, this attitude is shifting as we become more aware of the short and long-term risks associated with mild brain injuries and concussion. This shift in attitude is the first step in making informed decisions on protecting the brain.

NeuroSports Lab provides the community with access to qualified scientific assessment, support services and products specifically for those suffering concussion and other head injuries.

I was feeling fit and healthy, although every now and then would have a brief lapse of my thoughts. After seeing how the NeuroSports Labs team were helping others who had experienced the same, I knew that for mine and my families piece of mind, I had to be assessed.

Jim Ryan

Meet our Experienced Team

  • Associate Professor Alan Pearce

  • Andy Evans

  • Professor Craig Patch

  • James Graham