For Individuals

Whether you're a current or retired athlete, or an individual suffering from whatever cause, concussion or mild traumatic injury does not discriminate and we are here for you. We offer research-backed, scientific assessments and management options as part of your broader health plan to help you be your best.

At NeuroSports Labs, we believe that assessments are only part of the story. People want to know that there is hope and that there is support tailored to the unique effects of concussion which can vary from person to person. No one injury is alike and no one person is alike, and only objective scientific assessments that we provide show exactly what the impacts are for you.

The NeuroSportsLabs Individual Assessment is backed by science. It’s easy & non invasive.

Detailed in-person testing and reporting using science-based methodologies which includes:

  • Eye-movements
  • Balance
  • Central nervous system assessments using the latest technologies
  • Multimodality testing for decision making

It’s such a simple process to get assessed.

  1. 1

    Make a booking

    Make a booking to visit our purpose-built lab in Melbourne. Sometimes, just making the first move is the hardest part. Once you’ve booked in, you’re on your way to finding out answers.

    Book an Assessment
  2. 2

    Arrive at the lab

    Located centrally in Docklands, Melbourne, there’s ample parking nearby and easy access to the lab.

  3. 3

    Initial Consult

    Consultations take approximately 90 minutes and involve multi-modality testing including eye-movements, cognitive testing, neuro-sensory and brain stimulation assessments.

  4. 4

    Follow up

    You’ll receive a detailed report of your assessment and provide suggestions for evidence-based rehabilitation and currently available treatment options, based on our scientific research.